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Desi Vega’s Seafood and Prime Steaks: More Surf, New Turf

General Manager Michael Gindy

Desi Vega's Assistant General Manager Micheal Gindy

Gindy, who grew up in Marrero, wears many hats at Desi Vegas. He is the bar manager, the wine director and the floor manager. “I am a jack of all trades,” Gindy joked. Fresh out of high school in 2003, Gindy started working at Emeril’s. Then, Gindy opened up Tommy’s Wine Bar, which was right across the street from Emeril’s. Rio Mar Wine Bar was the next place where Gindy worked for about three years. “I was able to jump around restaurants because my school schedule was also a factor in all of that.” Gindy has a degree in surgical technology. He worked at Children’s Hospital for four years while also working at Rio Mar and later GW Fins. Then, Gindy got a job at Mr. John’s where he stayed for nine years working with Desi. There, he also helped develop the wine list.

So far, Gindy has worked in the restaurant business for about 16 years. “I am very meticulous about consistency. If you don’t have consistency, you won’t have repeat customers, that’s how you build relationships  with your clients,” Gindy explained.

What makes this place special: “I think the family vibe we have here makes this place special. All the servers we have here get along with each other there is no animosity here and everybody works together,” Gindy said. “When everybody helps each other out, the restaurant runs much more efficient which leads to a better guest experience.”

Recommended dishes: Escargot, Grilled Tuna, Creme Brulee Martini

Favorite King Cake: “I don’t eat sweets.”

Manager Alex Jennings

Alex Jennings Manager

Alex is a Metairie native, and a proud Jesuit graduate. Alex began his restaurant career at Delta Marina Restaurant as a Dishwasher and Busser at 16 years old. Alex comes from a family of River Boat Pilots and worked Port Ship Service in Arabi. After a couple of years there, Alex returned to Restaurants starting as a Busser, working his way to Server, Bartender then Manager at Brisbi’s Restaurant at the Lakefront. Alex spent 5 years there before the restaurant closed. Alex was part of the opening team at Desi Vega’s Seafood and Steaks in Metairie and was recently promoted to Manager. Alex is a big sports fan and specifically loves all things Purple & Gold.

What makes the restaurant special? “The standard that we hold ourselves to. We want to be considered the best restaurant, not just in Metairie, but the entire surrounding area, and our staff does a great job of chasing that every day.”

Recommended Dishes: “Oyster Rockefeller, Ribeye, Shipley’s Bread Pudding

Favorite King Cake: Randazzo’s

Executive Chef Robert Bruce

Desi Vega's Executive Chef Robert Bruce

Bruce, a New Orleans native, started out in the restaurant business as a freshmen in high school working for Andrew Martin’s Cajun Cuisine as a dishwasher in 1976. “It was so much fun, I had a blast,” Bruce remembered. The next summer, Bruce worked as a Galley Boy on oil rigs. A year later, he started at Christian’s as a prep cook, then moved to the broiler at just 17 years old. After graduating from high school, Bruce went to Johnson and Wales University where he graduated with an Associate’s Degree in culinary arts. He then earned his Bachelor’s Degree in hotel and restaurant management from Florida International University. After returning to New Orleans, Bruce started out as Sous Chef at Upperline Restaurant, and then worked at Maylie as a line cook. After that, he got a job at Commander’s Palace.

Altogether, Bruce has worked at 42 New Orleans Restaurants including Emeril’s, where he was a Sous chef for Emeril Lagasse, Palace Cafe, Ruth’s Chris, Chophouse New Orleans, and Mr. John’s. Bruce opened up 22 restaurants including Desi Vega’s Seafood and Prime Steaks. Almost all the restaurants where Bruce worked are still open to this day.

What Makes this place special: “Desi lets me do what I wanna do, which is great.” At Desi Vega’s Seafood and Prime, customers have a lot of choices. Since the restaurant is in the suburbs, “I can create relationships with customers,” Bruce said. Unlike the French Quarter, where there are millions of tourists, the Metairie location allows him to get to know his clients. “I get to know exactly how you like your steak cooked,” Bruce explained. “I love the food, I love the ambiance and I love my clientele,” he added.

Recommended Dishes: Salad Louie, Gulf Fish Almondine, New York Strip, Twin Tails, Desi’s Prime Meatballs. “We trim our own meat,” Bruce added.

Favorite King Cake: McKenzie’s

Favorite Bakery: Maple Street Patisserie

Event Manager Monique Roussel

Desi Vega's Event Manager Monique Roussel

Roussel, who was born and raised in Metairie, started out in the restaurant business at the New Orleans Airport Hilton. She then started working at Walt Disney World in 1998. After 2011, Roussel came back to New Orleans and worked at Emeril’s Delmonico. Within a year, she moved to Emeril’s Tchoup Chop in Orlando, then Emeril’s Miami and Atlanta. In 2014, Roussel and her husband opened up their own restaurant in San Destin, Florida. After many years, Roussel returned to New Orleans to work with Desi Vega on his brand new restaurant, Desi Vegas Seafood and Prime.

Desi Vegas is a great place for your next corporate of private event. “Our event menu is really popular. We take items that are favorites on our a la carte menu and put them on our event menu,” Roussel explained

What Makes this place special? “Metairie needed this, and I think this is a very good fit for the area.”

Recommended dishes: Gulf Fish Almondine, Crab Cake

Favorite King Cake: Haydel’s

Bakery: Maurice French Pastries