Red WineDo you like red wine? There are actually a couple of studies out there that say a glass of red wine (not a whole bottle) might be good for your health. A glass of red wine will not only improve your mood, but some studies have shown that moderate wine drinking can improve your heart health. Drinking one glass of wine can also be great for your brain and your muscles. Red wine contains antioxidants which are good for your skin and may also work to reduce inflammation in your body.

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Types Of Red Wine

If you are intrigued by the results, but are not sure which wine to order, we will can certainly provide recommendations. There are several kinds of red wine you may want to enjoy. Here is a quick look at some red wines you may enjoy.

Cabernet Sauvignon

The Cabernet Sauvignon wine grape is grown in nearly every major wine region in the world. Cabernet Sauvignon, the red wine made from the grape, is usually described as bold, high in acidity, savory and dry. Cab goes very well with steak, burgers, beef short ribs and roasted or grilled lamb.


Merlot is a dark-blue colored grape. It is mainly grown in Australia, California and France. Merlot is also rather dry and often described as fruity (plum and cherry flavors). Merlot pairs well with roast beef, filet mignon, lamb, grilled or roasted chicken or pork loin.


The Malbec is a full-bodied red wine which mainly comes from Argentina, California, Chile and France. It has a plump, dark fruit flavor with a smoky finish. Malbec goes well with dark meat poultry, roasted pork, and leaner cuts of red meat  including sirloin, flap, hanger, filet, and skirt steak.

Pinot Noir

The Pinot Noir grape is grown in Oregon, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany and other wine regions. Pinot Noir wine has a silky, fruity flavor and some describe it as earthy with a hint of dark cherries. Pinot Noir pairs well with many foods including salmon, roasted fish, pasta dishes, duck and other game birds.

If you are not sure which red wine to get, talk to your waiter!

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