What Makes Fine Dining Service Special?

Fine DiningFine dining restaurants are known for delivering a higher level of customer service compared to more casual restaurants. Guests will experience an elegant ambiance, white linen table setting, and the utmost detail when it comes to service. Each fine dining restaurant is unique, but all share a few common characteristics.

Attention To Small Details

It is all in the details. Creating a fine dining atmosphere relies on the details from the music selection to the utensils. Some restaurants design their own china and stoneware to match their food and aesthetics. Fine dining chefs are very particular about their food sources. As a result, many of them personally shop for locally sourced ingredients. Have you ever wondered why servers wear white or black? So they can blend in. Every tiny detail works together, even the moving parts. To ensure the perfect environment, the music is not too loud or too soft, and the lights are at the perfect brightness. Subtlety is the goal.

Exquisite Service

The fine dining experience relies on its servers to ensure that everything is carried out to perfection. The quality food, decor, and ambiance will mean little if the service is sub-par. Fine dining servers are provided extensive training from properly serving the food to attending to the guests. The wait staff will learn the restaurant menu along with all ingredients and properties of each dish. A server will also be able to recommend dishes based on tastes and allergies and be aware of the daily specials including complementary wine and cocktails. A server will be very attentive and responsive attending the needs of the customers, but will also maintain a distance to avoid being intrusive and bothersome to the guests. Timing is extremely important to find dining service. Bringing the food to the right customer at the right time is essential. Many restaurants will even have a server to bring each plate so they are placed in front of each guest at the same time.  This combination of friendliness, service expertise and menu knowledge are the perfect combination for a memorable fine dining experience.

Guest Experience

As a guest in a fine dining establishment, you are not going just for the food, but for the entire experience. Some of the experiences will include: crumbing the table between courses, replacing linen napkins and folding them if a patron leaves the table, and even holding the chair for women. New wine is poured in a new glass and silverware is replaced between courses. Everything is kept in perfect order.


Reservations allow a restaurant to prepare for their guest’s arrival. Fine dining establishments will request the names of all parties and question if it is a special occasion. The restaurant is gathering this information to enhance the guest experience. The restaurant, in turn, will be able to greet guests by name and make special occasions even more wonderful. A reservation also enables the restaurant to provide proper space and staff for guests.

Today’s fine dining experience emphasizes fresh, local food prepared in unique ways and served in an atmosphere by an impeccable waitstaff.  At Desi Vegas Seafood & Prime Steaks, we always provide the best food and the best service. Call us today and make your reservation for Lunch or Dinner.